Champlain Land

Whitby, ON
Champlain Land
Acquired September 2023 / Sold December 2023
Vacant industrial land (zoned)
8.39 Acres

FAX acquired the land at an opportunistic price due to a floodplain, which extends through the 10-acre gross site area.  FAX, along with its partner Black Dog Developments, delineated the site and determined there was ~33% more developable acreage on site than originally perceived.

FAX acquired the Champlain Land with the intention to develop 162,000 square feet of small-bay industrial condos; however, shortly after closing the transaction a user registered its interest to acquire the land.  Following only 3.5 months of ownership, FAX sold the Champlain Lands, resulting in strong value-add returns within a short period of time.'22.1%22N+78%C2%B053'42.0%22W/@43.8728056,-78.895,381m/data=!3m3!1e3!4b1!5s0x89d51d9383afdb23:0x5413c73388b65b99!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d43.8728056!4d-78.895?entry=ttu